iPhone 2G, 3G, 4, 5, 6 Official Factory Unlocking Service


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Unlock iPhone 6/ 6 Plus

Here is how to get your IMEI:
There are 2 possible options:

1) Dial *#06# on your iPhones keypad. A screen will pop up showing the IMEI number.

2) Go to Settings - General - About. The IMEI number will appear at the end of the list.
Important Instructions:

Please make sure to select the ORIGINAL service provider your phone is locked to. Failure to select the accurate service provider will result in unlocking the wrong phone.

If you are not sure what provider your phone is from,please select 'iPhone Network Check' from the list.
Select Network
Description of service

Unlock iPhone 6/ 6 Plus and start using any GSM network around the globe by simply inserting a SIM Card. It’s very simple, does not require any technical knowledge, and will work regardless to the OS version of your iPhone.

Here is how it works:

  • 1) Place an order online to initiate your unlock request.

  • 2) Wait for unlock confirmation email from us.

  • 3) Insert any GSM Sim card, and start using your iPhone.

Unlock iPhone 6/ 6 Plus using our service will never void your Apple care services or warranty. Once Unlocked, you can use your unlock iPhone 6/ 6 Plus device with any GSM carrier whenever you wish. The iPhone will remain unlocked even after a software update or a factory rest, and will work for as many Sim Cards as you desire. This is a legal factory unlock that is processed through Apple and therefore it will never harm your phone in any way.

We have a wide experience in unlocking just about any iPhone and therefore can guarantee our service.

If you need any assistance in unlock iPhone 6/ 6 Plus, please watch our videos on how to unlock iPhone 6/ 6 Plus, they are explained in detailed step-by-step. If ever needed, we are always happy to help! Feel free to contact us through chat, email, or phone support.