iPhone 2G, 3G, 4, 5, 6 Official Factory Unlocking Service


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Network Check

Here is how to get your IMEI:
There are 2 possible options:

1) Dial *#06# on your iPhones keypad. A screen will pop up showing the IMEI number.

2) Go to Settings - General - About. The IMEI number will appear at the end of the list.
Important Instructions:

Please select the correct model of your iPhone.
Important Instructions:

Please make sure to select the ORIGINAL service provider your phone is locked to. Failure to select the accurate service provider will result in unlocking the wrong phone.

If you are not sure what provider your phone is from,please select 'iPhone Network Check' from the list.
Description of service

Use this service to find out:

1) The network provider and country your iPhone is originally from.
2) The SIM lock status of your iPhone (Locked/Unlocked).
3) Warranty Information and expiration date.
4) Serial Number of the device.

Common reasons to use this service:

1) If you need to unlock your iPhone and you are not sure of the network provider your device is from.
2) To find out whether your iPhone is currently locked or unlocked.
3) To check warranty status of phone.

Please note that this service does not guarantee the possibility to unlock your iPhone if needed in the future. Unlocking your iPhone depends on the network provider it is locked to. Not all networks are supported for unlock.

Here is an example of a result you should expect to receive:

IMEI: 013333000283017
Serial Number: DNLJN1FSDTSN
Part Description: IPHONE 5 16GB BLACK
Product Version: 6.1.2
Coverage Status: Apple Limited Warranty
Coverage End Date: 23/11/13
First Unbrick Date: 25/11/12
Last Unbrick Date: 25/11/12
CTN: 19095326394
Network: Canada Rogers
SIM Lock Status: Locked